• Q. How long do I have to wait for my car to be serviced?

    A routine service takes about 2 hrs, where the vehicle is serviced as per the schedule, washed and cleaned and returned to the owner. Sometimes the nature of the job is different and the time taken for the job increases. Our trained service advisor will also guide you and inform you for the time taken to do the job.

  • Q. Do you have parking facility?

    Yes there is an adequate parking facility at KS Ford.

  • Q How do I know that you are charging me fair prices for my services?

    To ensure, KS Ford has fixed the rate for parts and labour. The same is updated in the software and the price sheet given to the dealer. The prices cannot be changed, thus ensuring that prices charged and fair and approved.

  • Q. What are the opening and closing hours?

    KS Ford is open 7 days a week (closed only a few select national holidays). From 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • Q.I have asked for a certain registration number for my car but I got a different number why?

    The registration authority is the sole number issuing agency. It is a government agency controlled by the government. Though the rules do permit the customer to put in a request for a special number the final decision lies with the registration authorities. That is why at times customers may not get the desired numbers.

  • Q. Are you trained enough to handle my car?

    Service Executives in KS Ford are well equipped with the latest state of the art machines that are needed to repair and service your prized vehicle.

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